Welcome to Atkinsons of Sheffield

78-82 The Moor, Sheffield, S1 3LT
(0114) 276 8811
We're open 9am-5.30pm today

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We’ve been serving Sheffield people for 145 years...

On a bright spring day in March 1872 we opened the doors of Atkinsons and welcomed Sheffield folk on our first day with bargains, great value, and a high quality selection of the things they loved and today Atkinsons is just as welcoming, just as inviting and just as special.

We’re still Sheffield’s favourite family store - individual, independent and proud of it! We’ve built on the traditions of the past, we’re bang up to date for the present, and the future looks bright.

Just think of the things we stock now that would have raised an eyebrow then! Electrical recliner sofas and chairs, extending dining tables, duvets, food mixers, washing machines, fridge freezers, coffee makers, microwaves and much more, and all at reduced prices.

Here's a taste of what you'll find in store...