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Gift Vouchers & Availability

In Store "Gift Vouchers" are available in £1, £5, £10, £20 denominations and are the perfect gift for the special someone. Please note that In store gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash. Gift vouchers can be purchased from Customer Accounts Department First Floor.

Conditions of Use

  1. This voucher is redeemed at any branch of a trading division of The Atkinson Group Ltd as listed.
  2. The voucher may be used to purchase goods or services up to the face value of the voucher and may be supplemented by cash or other means of acceptable payment if the value of the purchase exceeds that of the voucher.
  3. This voucher cannot be exchanged in whole or part for cash.
  4. No change can be given when a purchase is made for less than the face value of the voucher.
  5. The voucher may not be used as a deposit on a credit sale agreement, the purchase of financial services, or settlement of a personal account.
  6. The Atkinson Group Ltd shall be under no liability in the event of vouchers being stolen, damaged or lost, whether they have been redeemed or not.