If you or someone you love is a true petrol head and can't get enough of the 'vrooom' of a motor, then we've got the perfect gift to bring that love indoors (sorry, not sorry). Our range of vintage inspired and unique Shell, Castrol and Michellin ornaments might just be our favourite thing in store right now.

Take for example the Shell Pump Handle ornament, it'll look great in a super cool office or finish the look in an industrial inspired living room. Hang your trinkets on it, maybe the car keys, or just admire it as a thing of beauty!

Shell Pump Industrial Home Accessory

Whether your a car enthusiast or like a nostalgic nod to the old days, it's hard not to love this new range of motor inspired home accessories. The Michelin Man, icon of an era, is revived in this aluminium figurine that makes a great paperweight. Castrol Oil Jugs are a must-have for any home, surely? These super home accessories make for a major talking point with guests.

Remember, you can discover the entire vintage inspired fuel cans, figurines and ornaments in store. We're looking forward to seeing you soon (whichever mode of transport you choose).